My Cracked Tooth Didn’t Stand a Chance

I ran for the computer in order to find a dentist for Denver CO after biting down an a particularly tough piece of steak and hearing a distinct crack. At first I thought I lost a cavity, but upon further examination I could tell that I cracked a molar. Surprisingly, it didn’t hurt at first. Then I took a swig of hot coffee and about lost my mind. The pain was excruciating and deep and didn’t fade for a good ten minutes. I knew I needed to get in right away and get this tooth fixed or I’d be sorry.

I called my normal dentist and found, to my horror, that he was out of town for a week and wouldn’t be available to help my tooth. That’s when I went online and started digging around for someone who was reliable, had good reviews, and could get me in immediately. It took a bit of research, but I found an office that seemed to fit the bill. Moreover, he wasn’t on vacation and had an opening in just a couple of hours. Needless to say, I jumped on that offer immediately. I couldn’t get in fast enough.

As soon as I walked through the door I was greeted warmly with smiles and a loud hello. I signed in, waited for about five minutes, and was ushered to a chair. The dentist popped in briefly to greet me and said he’d be back in about five minutes. Once he came back and looked at my tooth, he agreed that it was probably quite painful. A shot of Novocaine and some quick work and I was getting ready to leave. The whole process couldn’t have gone more smoothly. I like this dentist so much I may start coming here on a regular basis!